Quality wireless headphones for the TV

Excellent value for money and quality. Wireless Tv headphones, great for watching TV. The large size of the model does not affect the usability and weight. The headphones will not surprise the sophisticated users, but certainly will not disappoint at home use.

The headphone design is very fragile. Handle them carefully. Despite this, they sit comfortably, they do not press ears. A large cup completely covers the ear, but does not soar. Sound insulation at a level beyond the ear cups sound does not break out.

The sound is very pleasant. In all ranges, the headphones reproduce a pleasant sound. The bass is juicy and deep, but with a good sound system. A long wire, a comfortable fit and no shortcomings in sound make the model an excellent option for comfortable home use.

best bluetooth headphones


  • in general, excellent sound;
  • comfortable landing;
  • lungs.


  • there is no volume control;
  • “Greased” medium and high frequencies.

Panasonic RP-HT223

Long lasting quality wireless headphones for the TV . No problems withstand several years of active operation. Rejoice with deep bass and a long wire. Not suitable for scrupulous analysis of music tracks, the sound is a bit biased.

Headphones are reliable, but the quality of materials is not the highest. On the ear cups quickly skirts the skin, but otherwise the design is good. The landing on the head is dense, but it does not press, the head does not ache from the headphones, the ears do not sweat. Sound insulation at a level, the houses in them are comfortable.

The model is collected qualitatively: nothing creaks or hangs. On the head sits comfortably. The headphones are not huge, weigh a bit. They look pretty stylish and laconic. Light 3-meter wire on the street is a hindrance, but when using the house it justifies itself.

The best headphones sound at high and medium frequencies. They beautifully reveal the sound of instrumental and classical music. Basses are not very powerful, but tangible and without distortion. Headphones perfectly convey the natural sound, no noise and whistling. To squeeze a maximum, you need good equipment and warming up.

The sound is pleasant, there are pronounced basses. But the high frequencies are smeared, there is no wide scene. The best headphones are suitable for watching movies and TV shows. The reserve of loudness is enough, good soundproofing contributes to comfortable listening of the Bluetooth headphones.


  • low impedance;
  • good volume;
  • price;
  • beautiful appearance.


  • not suitable for music lovers;
  • high frequencies blurred;
  • low quality of materials.


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