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Having worked with the best companies in media and entertainment, our agency has developed unique expertise in the field of multimedia translations. The need to translate media with particular regard to quality is a must for the media and entertainment industry.

Also multinational enterprises increasingly rely on multimedia platforms to form and educate their target audience. We have created a specialized division dedicated to the treatment of all kinds of multimedia translations, including subtitles, translation dubbing, lip sync and voice out of range.


One of the basic media translation is subtitling. Many videos, in addition to language dubbing, require subtitles in multiple languages. International markets are crucial to the success of the content educational and entertainment, so subtitling is an essential part of achieving success.

Subtitling is much more than a simple translation: this is a highly technical process that requires such precision to allow the public to enjoy a consistent product and is faithful to the original. In our agency we have specialized teams who have worked with the best companies in the media landscape and have successfully handled their needs subtitling.

The voiceover is comparable to the practice of dubbing in language. Multimedia translation services of voice overs are commonly used to replace audio content not uttered by an actor in a particular scene.

Documentaries make extensive use of voice-over, since they usually have a voice-over describing the images. Voiceover services do not require the same precision of dubbing or subtitles, but they need to follow a timeline. This requires the equipment and expertise. On we have years of experience in providing these services and we will work with your organization to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the public.

The dubbing

Another multimedia translation service is the content-language dubbing audio in video productions. The voice acting is widely used in markets where the subtitles do not achieve fully the objectives of the producers and universal method of converting video-products for international markets. The translation of dubbing is also undisputed quality to reflect more closely the experience of the original production.

Despite the growing popularity of voice-over and subtitling, dubbing processes with voice actors in language and lip sync are still content to major methods in a foreign language. In order to dub video content properly the dialogue must be translated by a team of experts in this field, in order to ensure that the translated text, once pronounced, corresponds to the sores of the actor.

has voiced thousands of hours of video content for most markets, and can handle all the requirements of dubbing.

Lip sync, used as a synonym for dubbing, is a process that involves the insertion of audio lyrics to match the movement of the lips of the actors. This process is crucial, as it helps the public understand better the contents and to create in them the illusion that the original version of the film is the product of the language use.

Lip sync and voice talent go hand in hand because they are crucial to combine audio and video, making them go hand in hand. If this is not done – or is done inefficiently-production is considered second class.

Often you might need to change the original Human Chinese translation to shorten the time of the bar. This can be a problem when making a Dub language between English and Spanish, for example, as, with the same meaning, are usually the most used words in Spanish than English.

Languages in which we work

Our services include multimedia translations in Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch and German, but also in several other languages.

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