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Panagbenga festival, regionally translated to the Blooming Flowers festival, could be a yearly flower event that takes place in Baguio city, transfer along tourists. Baguio city is a wondrous place… I grew up in baguio and had so much fun… So sad you haven’t added pictures of the night market in session road during panagbenga… During the last week of panagbenga festival history the festival session road is closed to open booths selling several stuffs from food to antique, plants and they also showcase landscaping.

However, as related in the first paragraphs of this blog, we were there during the Panagbenga Festival, so I think it is perfectly safe to say that we needed to prioritize seeing the highlight of the festival (and that is the parade), and not the other destinations that should have been done later.

In the Philippines, festivals have been grounded from two sources: the continuation of religious festivals associated with key Catholic patron saints (introduced during Spanish colonization) to certain cities and municipalities; and the invention” of new festivals as a means of reiterating certain key native traditions, often at the instigation of the government.

The Panagbenga or Baguio Flower Festival is an annual event in Baguio City to celebrate the season of blooming more than that, the Panagbenga Festival is a celebration of the rise of Baguio City after it fell from the devastation brought about by the 1990 earthquake.

He explained what is important now is for the concerned municipal governments to plan out their major events so that it will be aligned with the schedule of Panagbenga to allow organizers to prepare unified promotional materials for all the events of the BLISTT thus ensuring bigger participation from the people in all the events in the different municipalities.


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