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Printing Industries Credit Union has personal loan options to let you borrow money for all of life’s expenses. With lines up to $10,000, our Personal Lines of Credit allow you to add overdraft protection to your Direct Federal checking account, or simply hold a revolving line of credit for the times when extra funds are needed to cover a home Kredit expense or the holiday season.

If the house you bought is not constructed by the real estate developer cooperating with ICBC in mortgage loan or you have bought second-hand house, you have to submit application for direct personal housing loan to nearby ICBC personal loan center or ICBC credit department.

While it is difficult to get an exact prediction of how much faster online lending is than offline lending (since there can be a great deal of variation in both traditional and online loan processes), it is safe to say that, that online lending does not have the hassle of setting up appointments or going to branches.

You can use our loan for lots of things – if you do build a robot dog we’d love to see it. There are some things we don’t offer loans for including the purchase of property or land (both UK & Overseas) including holiday homes and apartments, purchasing a joint stake in a property or buying out a joint owner, mortgage Deposit (regardless of lender or country) or gifting funds to third parties to support the purchase of a property, including mortgage deposit, stamp duty and solicitors fees.

We are an authorised marketing representative for the civil servant personal financing facilities originated by RCE Marketing Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of the Bursa Malaysia listed company, RCE Capital Berhad) through Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat and Yayasan Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Perlis.

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