Most Sad and Depression Quotes that makes Life Painful

Most Sad and Depression Quotes that makes Life Painful

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Sometimes I just want your presence, your silence, your embrace and your understanding, not a sermon saying that your problems are worse, or what I should do …

My biggest fear has just come true; I feel that I am losing you little by little

When I tried to be happy, I spoiled myself.
When I tried to smile, I cried.
When I loved, I was despised.
When I looked for friends I was abandoned.
When depression came I cried.
By the way, this is my spine and so I will live

My affection cannot submit to your lack of affection. Not even the lights of my eyes can be lost in the darkness of your heart, for my verses will not heal my great depression, nor the lack of love that I feel in your heart.

Staying close to someone so depressed is kind of exhausting. You may feel pity, but you cannot ask the person to try to compose himself as well.

“To believe in nothing else is your right, to want to contaminate others with such disillusionment deep depression quotes is a heinous crime.”

Patchwork for reuse
Pieces of a confused heart
Pseudo passion
Miranda of emotion

Delirious moment Devotion
without content
Symptoms of depression Encounter
with loneliness
Daring Lost in the immensity
Sublime ….

And just like the phoenix, I died again.

Before you give up, think that you can be someone’s inspiration.

The day wants to smile, raise your head.

I want to get away from my life.

I want to get away from my life.

Your life, your actions, everything that involves your existence has a purpose, discover it and you will find peace!

I’ve had my days of sadness. Good thing is that everything happens. And when it happens we realize that it is we who feed the myths, the kings and the monsters …

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The darkness takes all of us! Hope, Happiness, will to live, Family, friends and etc. Today she is part of me!

Lack of self-love generates immense insecurity, making a person discredit in his capacity, that feeling can lead to another serious problem, depression.

I just want to thank God one day.

Sunken boredom
Neither saw the outstretched hand
He drowned … alone.

“Perhaps I am not in full judgment, or perhaps the judgment is not full.”

Fear, sadness, anxiety. Human feelings that today cause dread in many people.

One day, in the park, a friend came to meet me to vent.
-I want to disappear. He said as I threw food to the ducks.
– Escape the routine, break the rules, see the beauties of the world, stand alone.
“And what’s stopping you?” I asked, turning my gaze to him.

I will not repeat the same words as before, they caused me pain …

Trash of life.
Trash of humans.
Sun litter.
Light garbage.
Air garbage.
Trash by day.
And so my poetry ends.
That’s rubbish, though.

The pain in the soul and the deep anguish of a heart, is so terrible that it makes one want death, not for life at last, but to relieve pain. For those who feel this pain, the anguish of death is in the background …

Suffering exists because only through it do sentient beings produce the most valuable raw material in the universe.

In the dark and loneliness, a noisy mind.
The anguish is persistent, you are people, be strong as the red.
Your heart sends blood giving you the strength to wake up every day again.  Also, read- quotes about how to impress a girl

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