Introducing the Brother Innov-Is 35 Sewing Machine

The Brother Innov-Is range of sewing machines has 3 different models to fit the requirements of each seamstress. The Brother Innov-Is 35 is a versatile electronic sewing machine that can be instinctively taken over by even novice seamstresses . With its large LCD screen, a nice design and its many features, the Brother Innov-Is 35 sewing machine will adapt to the constraints of all seamstresses, beginners or experienced . She offers more features and stitches than her smaller, more accessible sister, the Brother Innov-Is 15 . Today is the mid-range model, the Brother Innov-Is 35, which we propose to discover in this article.

A machine that restores creativity to your sewing

The Brother Innov’Is 35 electronic sewing machine is robust at the same time thanks to its cast aluminum monobloc frame and its modern and elegant appearance. The machine is equipped with a backlit LCD display showing the different information on the previously selected sewing stitch. The display clearly shows the width and length of the selected points as well as the presser foot to be used. With this model, Brother wanted to give more space to the creativity of everyone. That’s why this model has 70 stitches . The rotating wheelallows you to easily select the different points offered by the Brother Innov-Is 35. In detail, there are 13 utility stitches , 15 elastic stitches , 7 patchwork & quilt stitches , 5 cross stitches , 23 decorative stitches and you’ll have a wide choice of 7 models of automatic buttonholes in a single step. To further customize your creations, the width and length of the stitches are fully adjustable up to 7 mm and 5 mm respectively. Finally, to create different decorative patterns, you can choose to sew with a single needle or a double needle.

Hand Sewing with Brother NV35

With the Brother Innov-Is 35 sewing machine , no more wasted time. You will save valuable time when threading the needle for example, since the machine has an automatic needle threader that will allow you to pass the thread in the eye of your needle with a simple gesture. Similarly, the machine allows fast filling the can with the FAST system and a simplified implementation of the bobbin in its compartment. The LED lighting will provide an optimal view of your worktop in all light conditions or when handling dark fabric.

The various machine control buttons are easily accessible on the front of the machine and very easy to use . They enable the various advanced features of the machine.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

The needle position (left / center) or needle stop position (up / down) can be activated at any time to allow you to rotate your fabric. The on / off button will prevent you from using the rheostat if you choose to do without sewing. In addition, the machine also has a graduated wheel forAdjust the tension of your needle thread , a manual thread cutter , automatic stitches / reinforcement or a variable speed drive for perfect finishing.

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A Complete Sewing Machine

To improve the quality of your seam, the Brother Innov-Is 35 has 7 claws of training to ensure excellent fluidity of all types of fabrics, whether they are thin or thicker. Lowering the feed dogs will allow you a free seam and a greater possibility for your quilting points in particular. To sew cylindrical pieces such as sleeves or trouser bottoms, the accessory tray slides to release the free arm of the machine. To sew larger pieces, it is quite possible to invest in an extension table (model WT8)that you will sometimes find offered when buying the machine. Delivered with 7 presser feet , the machine is also supplied with a hard case that will allow you to transport and store it easily. On the other hand, this machine is quite noisy when used at full power.

Why Buy Brother Innov-Is 35?

The Brother Innov-Is 35 sewing machine has everything seamstresses need to start machine sewing. It can also be aimed at those who wish to acquire a more complete model, with advanced features. His 70 stitches , the LCD , its ergonomics and its ease of handling are all attractive. However, the purchase price of this model can be a major drag for those starting sewing. In this case, we advise you to turn to another model of the brand, the Brother FS40 sewing machine , which can fully satisfy you.

The Brother Innov-Is 35 sewing machine is a versatile model that will delight both beginner and experienced sewers. Thanks to its many features and stitches, both utilitarian and decorative, you will never be blocked by the capabilities of your machine to carry out your ideas of the most complex creations provided you do not be afraid to put the price.

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