Hollywood Films With Hilarious Dubbed Hindi Names

There is a reason we prefer to watch Hollywood films in English. Firstly, because original is always good but also because when India tries to give it a desi flavour, it ends up giving us gastroenteritis! One of the most mind numbing yet irritatingly hilarious examples is when we look up at a Hindi poster of a Hollywood film, dubbed in Hindi. Though Hindi Dubbed Movies they do not surface on Google easily, digging up deep into the toilets of Internet, I unearth for you a list of such well-known Hollywood movies whose names have been given such translations in Hindi that I’d have to ask you to brace yourself for what’s coming!

P.S. These names have been originally christened and released in India as Hindi posters and TV ads of the films unanimously end with the lines “ab Hindi mein”. Please do not confuse this list with the trending articles on the Internet which convert the titles on their own!

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