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Many of our Featured Classics” vintage arcade games for sale are refurbished-to-order” which means that you get the exact specifications desired, a great authentic 80s arcade look, and all at a competitive price! For a flat fee of $5, nostalgic gamers can step behind a curtain that separates the main store’s floor from the more than 40 classic arcade machines that the shop’s third owner, Jay Aguinaga, has made a profession out of collecting for the better part of a decade.

By this stage, Sega were at the forefront of gaming, and continuing their relationship with General Electric Aerospace (now bought by Martin Marietta), their latest board had the ability to apply textures onto the polygons, and began shaping how we play games today.

If I had to base my opinion of eighties arcade antique office furniture games on this listicle, I’d have to arrive at the conclusion that they stopped making good arcade videogames in 1985, since every title listed here was released in the first half of the decade, with the exception of Rampage (early second half).

By the mid-1980s, the genre dwindled in popularity, as laserdiscs were losing out to the VHS format and the laserdisc games themselves were losing their novelty, 63 due to their linearity and, in many cases, depending less on reflexes than on memorizing sequences of moves.

It’s one of those jobs you only really want to have to do once, and if the circumstances of one’s life mean that moves across town or between cities are going to be frequent, a person might want to hold off on buying a whole bunch of old arcade machines.

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