Contractors Offer Metal Roofs For Commercial Properties

Contractors Offer Metal Roofs For Commercial Properties

Welcome to the website of Dominion Roofing, the leading roofing company in Toronto and the GTA! We work with quality products and companies including Tegola Canadese, Gerard, Decra, Steel Tile Co. metal roofing systems, Stone Coated Steel roofing, Metro Tile, Stonehenge, Allmet, Dura-Loc Roofing Systems Limited, and Vicwest. Metal roofs can also be categorized as green roofs” due to their ability to be recycled and reused.

This was another installation method derived from old school metal roofs installed over barns; so all panels installed over battens also have exposed fasteners. If stainless steel is out of your price range at the moment, you can consider galvanized steel roofing.

With all the benefits of metal roofing such as Metal Roofing Toronto environmentally friendly, fire proof, low maintenance, excellent curb appeal and extreme durability you can feel confident that when you choose Matpol Metal Roof you’ve made the right choice. Many homeowners have heard about metal roofing before, but have very little idea as to what are the choices and options available to them.

Our office, warehouse, and sheet metal shop is located at 26 Taber Road in Etobicoke-Toronto, Ontario. The best residential and industrial roof repair contractor is quite challenging to find, however, if you found one, it is a remarkable guarantee for a longer lasting and quality roofing system.

Sheet metals are any metals that can be made into thin, flat pieces (sheets) for construction, roofing and building uses. Not only have we got new metal roofing that is green and eco friendly product, it also helps us to save on heating and cooling costs. Getting a new roof Toronto or all over the Canada shouldn’t be an exercise in pain and frustration.

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