3H2F-D / GS6000 Dash Cam

The Samoon 3H2F dashboard camera, also referred to as the GS6000 A7 is an Ambarella A7 dash cam delivered in fall 2013.

the various preceding famous dashboard cameras such as the GS1000, F500LHD, F900LHD and the Mini-0801 have used the Ambarella A2 chipset. whilst the A2 has established to be a high-quality processor, it changed into released in 2007 and occasional light overall performance is restricted.

as a result the excitement of Ambarella A7 processor based totally cameras sooner or later coming to market. The digicam statistics at 2304 x 1296p 30fps that’s a completely unique resolution (it isn’t 4K resolution). It additionally statistics at the extra conventional 1920 x 1080p 30fps.

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initial movies from this digicam had been amazing within the day and common at night. a number of the night motion pictures appear pretty darkish which is disappointing. Bitrate is a totally excessive 18Mbps as properly. The digicam comes with GPS (constructed into the mount) and G-sensor.

The 3H2F-D has a 2.7″ liquid crystal display screen and whilst not the smallest digicam at 112 x 45 x 25.5mm it may be hidden in the back of a rear view mirror. we’ve got now not been able to verify the processor or CMOS sensor, however initial reports are that the 3H2F-D is the use of the Ambarella A7LA50D chipset and the Aptina 0330 CMOS sensor.

Other models

This digicam is most normally called the Samoon 3H2F-D, 3H2F or GS6000 Ambarella A7. additionally observe that Samoon has launched 2 other Ambarella A7 models on the same time which seem like almost same aside from the external casing / shape issue.

The Samoon A88F is a diamond fashioned version which sells in Russia as the Texet DVR-670. And the Samoon A95A (observe that is listed as a dual 1080p digicam, we’ve no longer visible it for sale yet) which sells in Russia because the Тест StreetStorm CVR-A7510 (single cam no longer dual). a few humans have flashed the 3H2F-D with the Streetstorm CVR-A7510 firmware.

Recognised troubles

considering that this is a extraordinarily new digicam, there have now not been many reliability issues cited yet.

Stops Recording

One Russian owner has indicated that the digital camera arbitrarily stops recording (each 1-2 hours). that is likely because of the sluggish class four card they were the use of.

must I purchase?

This camera is the primary popular Ambarella A7L dashboard digital camera. price is affordable and video first-class for the duration of the day is good. The deal breaker is the disappointing night time video, fallout 4 adhesive which will be due to speeding this camera out. Reliability is unknown but preliminary proprietors are quite thrilled.

if you are seeking out a “tried and genuine” digital camera, preserve off on shopping for this. perhaps destiny firmware improvements will enhance night time performance but until then, that is a risky purchase.

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